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Skill system[]

Aetheon skill system allows players to use various abilities, and simply decide result of their trying.
Owned skills often determine, in what profession is character capable and points direction of playing.
Skills are however not only way to performing actions - in case of absence of proper skill, character could try to perform action using proper attribute, albeit with some penalty for not knowing, what to do.
And some actions are reserved only for owners of proper skill(s)... (you cannot cast fireball, if you are not magicaly active).

Skill system is tiered, with some skills dependent on others.
And there also exist Advanced (ADV) and HyperAdvanced (HAD) versions of majority (if not all) of skills. Although for some skills are ADV and HAD obsolete, as they don't have any effect and buying them is waste of money and skillpoints/experience - skills without ADV/HAD have no section for them in their description.
Usage of ADV/HAD depends solely on proper skills, and if applicable, it is explained in their description.

Types of skills[]

There are three major types of skills:

  • Percentages - This skills varies from 0% to 100% and usually can't go any higher (exceptions exists). They usually mark some probability of success while performing some action, and player must (using two ten-sided dices; aka D%) underthrow (or equal) their value to be succesfull in it. When 00 is rolled, then next roll with one dice decides of total failure or absolute success (even is absolute succes, while odd is total failure; another 0 means player could choose result by his own will) - effects of those are on GM's discretion, but it should be something more spectacular and/or benefical/harmfull then normal success/failure.
  • Linears - This skills signify for something what could be constantly improved with same amount of effort (like using language). GM could choose some cap value, above what any improvements are ineffective (ie "You learned everything, what was possible to learn in this field"). This type of skills is less frequent, but exists...
  • Exponentials - Similar to previous type, but with increasing difficulty after reaching certain thresolds (usable for invention skills and similar). Each skill in this category has set thresolds and difficulty multipliers

Acquiring, learning and improvement of skills[]

Acquiring and learning of skills is in modern Aetheon quite simple and straighforward task, with few variations:

  1. Go to skills shop
  2. Buy required skill:
    • By purchasing it from shopkeeper
    • By purchasing it from shopping terminal
  3. Implant skill to your head:
    • Insert skill chip to Skill implant tool and apply to your head (usually to neck or nape)
    • Insert skill chip to Learning machine and connect via electrodes or cyberware implant
  4. Activate selected method
  5. have skill implanted in your head on purchased level.

Improvement is similary simple and there are various methods to do it:

  • Connect to Learning machine, chose skill to improve, pay required sum, and it is done
  • Pay required skillpoints acquired from leveling, or experience given by GM, and you are done (note increasing price to skill improvement using this method)
  • Train by practise - GM will add any amount of training points to your trained skill, and when accumulate enough training points, will tell you, that you have improved your skill by one (or more, if GM choose to) point.

Basic price for skill improvement by one point is:

  • (1000*((next level)2)*(difficulty)*(class)) training points
  • (100*((next level)2)*(difficulty)*(class)) XP
  • (((next level)2)*(difficulty)*(class)) skillpoints

Explanation of terms:

  • next level - level just after the one you started at (for improving more then one, repeat previous step as long, as you need to improve and have enough of TP or XP or SP)
  • difficulty - each skill has assigned difficulty, what show, how hard is to learn it; minimum is 1
  • class - basic class is 0 and is usually unsigned. Class marks how advanced version it is, with increased effects or efficiency for each succesive class; classes are marked this way: (nothing),I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII. Classes 13 and further are only rare. For price calculation, basic class is treated as of value 0.5
  • training points (TP) - hidden value, assigned and used solely by GM, who keep it in secret and anounces only when improvement commences. TPs for it are deducted from TP's bank and surplus is preserved for next level, when it happens, so it loweres needed ammount for next training...
  • experience points (XP) - are awarded by GM for wast ammount of actions, like killing hostile NPCs, diplomacy, doing quests, solving problems, roleplaying, and so on
  • skillpoints (SP) - are awarded automatically, when character reaches next level, and ammount is INT*WIL*(LVL2); GM could add or substract any ammount when he decides it is necessary, and even assign part of them (up to 50%) to any of character's skills he choses (usually those, what were mainly used by player on previous level)

Skills list[]

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Basic skills[]

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Space skills[]

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Nano skills[]

Nano skills make use of various types of nanites, alongside with proper hardware (usually trio: Nano programs implant, Nanite storage implant and Nanite projector implant; or single Nanite deck) to achieve various effect on wearer, or his surroundings, or target (be it item, animal, or person).
With proper hardware, nano programs (see below), nanites, and skills, nearly any effect (sometimes mimicing even psionic or magic effects) could be achieved.

  • Nanite theory - This is general 'all-catch' knowledge skill, alowing operation of nanites and nanite powered devices
  • Nano programming - This skill allows to change programming of various types of nanites, preparing them for their task
  • Nanite engineering - This skill allows for creation/alternation of various specialised nanites from Universal Multipurpose Nanites
  • Nanites research - This skills allows researching of new types of nanites and/or upgrading old ones with better efficiency or suplying them with new abilities
  • Nanites harvesting - This skill allows gathering of Universal Multipurpose Nanites from various sources, what contains them
  • Nanites manufacturing - This skill allows to create nanites from basic resources, using proper equipment
  • Nanites recycling - This skill alows to harvest already used or spoiled nanites, and reverse them back to Universal Multipurpose Nanites for later reuse via other skills mentioned above

Nano programs[]

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