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Ancient history[]

This period is not meant to be used in actual play, as there is a lot of unwritten events, what is necessary in time span as wast as this one. Yet, if GM and players want, it is possible to use it - probably by time travelling or some accident misplacing characters in time. In that case however, GM should add his own creation for chosen period...

Aetheon dimension was created as extension of dimension named Tempus. This task was assigned to advanced civilization, known as Eonit.
Eonits at first created small space bubble in mould of hyperspace of Tempus dimension, approximately 1.25 light years in diameter. It was then separated from its original dimension (except of small passable wormhole, what serves as connection with Tempus dimension). Then it started to be expanded, from what moment its separate timeline began to be counted.
When bubble was large enough (aproximately 20ly), Eonites started to implant to it hypercocoons, what created basis for 29 of current 31 galaxies. This process underwent between 1.35 and 3.12 million years of age. Inflation to its current size of 111Mly was finished in age of 3.5 million years. At that time were also materialized bases of galaxies from their hypercocoons.

Milestones and eras

  • 3.63 Million years - Arrival of Antarasans from Tempus dimension, their setlement in Antares galaxy, mass production of spore ships commences
  • 3.68 My - Antarasans starts their voyage along dimension, and according to in advance selected plan they begin to seed individual galaxies with life
  • 3.82 My - Eonit civilization builds Eon galaxy, where they then settle
  • 18.23 My - All galaxies except of Tar are already settled, no other intelligent life except of Eonits and Antarasans exists in dimension
  • 19.83 My - In Aurancia galaxy rises under strict supervision of Antarasans first native race of Aetheon dimension, called Auranit, which consists of flying beings of approximately humanoid form, resembling angels
  • 21.83 My - Due to wrong programming stars of Aurancia galaxy begun to age rapidly and within 8200 years 90% of them changed into white dwarfes despite of common efforts of Eonits and Antarasans. From Auranits, who lost majority of their living space, become race known as Aurancia nomades, who travel amongst stars oboard their motherships.
  • 22.12 My - Eonit civilisation, exhausted from efforts of saving Aurancia galaxy, resolved to courageous move, and fuses to Eon superintelligence. At the same time devolves management of whole dimension to Antarasans. Fusion is succesfull and Eon relocates to hyperspace bubble close to it's galaxy
  • 22.31-58.42 My - Antarasans in succesive steps creates (according to chosen plan) intelligent races of particular galaxies
  • 58.42 My - Extremly strong hyperstorm originating from building of Rim galaxy destroys 30% of Antares galaxy and tears it to two parts - Asylum galaxy, what stays on place, and Kor-Razor galaxy, what is through hyperspace thrown far from original position. Antarasans lose two-third of their population in galaxy. This shock causes Antarasans to close into themselves for long time, and vivifying of galaxy Tar (what, as most important, was left to end) is postponed ad indefinitum. Antarasans for the time being vanish from history
  • 59.32 My - In Kor-Razor galaxy one of races evolves by unplanned speed and soon conquers whole galaxy by force. By style of living and physical appearance resembles Predators. This race calls itself by name Kiran
  • 62.43 My - During hyperstorm, accompanying creation of small star cluster close to Fenrir galaxy, is one of spore ships, what is doing its job there at that time, heavilly damaged and flies away to make autorepair. In galaxy in meantime arise Commonwealth of Seven Civilizations (CSC)
  • 64.18 My - Damaged spore ship finished autorepair, but part of its instructions was damaged and irrecoverably lost. Ship returns back to Fenrir galaxy, where it starts to destroy life instead of creating it. CSC starts fighting it, but with no effect. When nearly half of living being in galaxy is eradicated, CSC calls for help. That is intercepted by another spore ship what sets off to help. During cataclysm encounter, what destroys several star systems, both ships dissolves. From their debris CSC gets possesion of life seeding technology, and massive technological boom turns up. CSC builds from debris new spore ship, into what are by accident incorporated together with brain of normal spore ship also parts of faulty one. New ship gets out of control and vanishes deep into intergalactic space. All search for it is unsuccesfull
  • 65.12 My - In Jenis galaxy another spore ship dissolve in black hole due to fault in navigation system
  • 65.12-92.30 My - Progressive technological development goes on and various civilizations of several galaxies estabilishes mutual contacts. Aetheon Council is constituted, where various civilisations of all galaxies of Aetheon has representatives, excluding Kor-Razor galaxy ruled by repulsive Kirans, and not yet vivified Tar
  • 93.40 My - Exploration expedition from Pagus galaxy tries to enter Tar galaxy, but fails due to powerful energy shield around galaxy, what is remain from original hypercocoon, and what only Antarasans could remove. Same thing is tried in following millenia by another civilisations, but for same reason also fails. Tar is finally proposed as prohibited zone and ships of majority of races keeps away from it
  • 128.10-133.12 My - Solar Engineers moves Hesperia, Horta, Jaturna and Viridia galaxies around entry of wormhole to Tempus dimension. They forms regular trilateral spire. Protection and development of this domain takes superintelligence Selus
  • 132.15-244.86 My - During this time no thing worth of recording occured. Many new civilisations arosed and diplomatic and trade dealings amongst galaxies further developed
  • 245.82 My - In one of star clusters close to Mendor galaxy is discovered previously unknown civilisation named Tirn. This civilisation is distant progeny of Darkers race, what arrived from far future. Tirns inherited their ability of time travel and developed it to degree of ability to travel in time by force of their mind alone. This period was chosen with knowledge of future events.

From descendants of this race, known as NeoTirn, was later recruited Time Walkers, who dedicated themselves to browsing time lines and mapping of historical events. From their ranks was recruited first members of 'Temporal Intervention Unit of Absolute Time' and many of them still serves in it.

  • 245.93 My - One of civilisations, whose name was forgotten, tried to steal time traveling technology. It failed, but attempt was not forgotten
  • 248.31 My - First recorded attempt to tamper history, foiled at beginning. It is thought, that it was first premature attemt to start (or stop, that was never clarified) future Temporal war
  • 248.52-259.44 My - This is period of so called Temporal war. During this period so massive changes in timeline occured, that no accurate information could be obtained. Changes of time and destroying of whole timelines were on daily order, if that could be said according to fundamental of this war. It was ended only by direct intervention from planet Tempus and all remaining timelines were due to work of Temporal Intervention Unit gradually united to single one. Then time shields and time stabilisers were installed over whole period, and any travel to that period was forbidden to all, except of members of Temporal Intervention Unit, and even them only for study matters and at special permission of Council of Wise Ones on planet Tempus. Here was also installed Time Fuse and permanent patrol of Temporal Intervention Unit
  • 252.12 My - Tirn race is nearly extincted during raid by Kirans. Rather than allow their enslavement and repetion of Temporal war, they destroyed majority of their planets, and rest of them moved with silent agreement of Temporal Intervention Unit back to future. Part of them left on their ships to Asylum galaxy, where they become NeoTirn race. Kirans leave with no success, and invasion fleet is on its way back destroyed by hyperstorm, with unknown origin - it is however speculated, that it was intervention of superintelligence Eon, what ensured this way, that acquired knowledge of time tlavelling will not be handled to rest of Kiran race
  • 283.16-425.12 - Period of First Decline. Due to stabilised situation and lack of new discoveries, majority of civilisations fallen back to themselves. Intergalactic travelling was forgotten and majority of contacts among civilisations broken. Several tenths of civilisations in this period degenerated and totally vanished from galactic history - distant descendants of some of them later reappeared, but as whole new civilisations without awareness of their precursors
  • 426.33 My - Several civilisation rediscovered at the same time (probably by impulse from Antarasans) principles of intergalactic drive. They in sequence visited all galaxies (again with exception of Tar, Kor-Razor and Aurancia) and helped to uplift another civilisations from decline
  • 427.01-612.53 My - In this period civilisations arisen again and fierce development took place
  • 618.43 My - In small star cluster far from any galaxy was due to one of spore ships evolved civilisation of Antarasans, about what event current Antarasans didn't knew
  • 619.21 My - First Antarasans executed experiment with pumping energy from time itself. However it failed and whole star cluster was torn from Aetheon and thrown to another (unnamed) dimension, deep into past. Aetheon met them later again in form of fallen offspring, Darker race.
This lost Antarasans in their new dimension newer left their star cluster. Instead of it they engaged in self-advancement and technology development. Then they started to build huge mothership, intended as life-preserving arch for whole race in case of destruction of home systems. Shortly after building was finished, small faction, engaged in genetic enhancement of their bodies, stolen ship, and embarked to voyage across dimension. Their psychic was twisted, and they started to steal material and technologies from other races. In course of time they degenerated and had to resort to clonning for reproduction, because they lost natural means for it in process. Thus Darkers race was born...
Part of original Antarasans after their sibling's betrayal left by dimensional gate to Tempus dimension, where after many thousand generations later became part of Project Aetheon (and thus closed time loop). Rest of them remained, closed themselves in their home system, and refused any further contacts with outside world.
Darkers conquered whole dimension step by step, and started to look for new hunting-ground (more in this article).
In place of original Antarasans star cluster remained spacetime anomaly, trenching to subspace, and partialy also hyperspace (layers one, two, and three). This anomaly randomly throws objects what enters it to past, future and eventually to another place in dimension. It could be safely passed by warp, or from hyperspace layer four or more (but even there sometimes reach various strange effects, at highest to layer eleven). Exactly in center is calm and safe zone in diameter of 0.73 light years
  • 620.32-638.24 My - In this period abrupt development of dimension's races commenced, and Antarasans covertly built Bridge to Eternity
  • 639.28-639.31 My - In this period came sudden closure of access to hyperspace (value of hyperimpedance unexpectably risen, what highly reduced usability of any devices, harnessing hyperspace, including hyperdrives and devices drawing energy from hyperspace. It was caused by superinteligences, who didn't liked corruption of spacetime caused by intense intergalactic travelling
  • 639.32-965.48 My - Period of Second Decline. Difficulty of intergalactic travelling cut connections amongst majority of galaxies, because only subspace was avaiable for travelling. Although that did not disallowed contact amongst galaxies, but it dealt hard punch to formerly brisk trade activity. Decline was not so deep now however
  • 966.12 My - Hyperimpedance decreased to original value, because superintelligences decided, that spacetime has recovered enough
  • 966.13 My - Antarasans again officially appears, and propose Hyperspace Usage Treaty. This treaty estabilished restrictions for intergalactic travelling, but at the same time Antarasans distributed network of planetary star gates. This technology comprises of small planetary gates, interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic transmitters, able to transport multi-tonnage haulage. Intergalactic trade again blossoms, at this time without excessive corruption of spacetime
  • 968.93-1732.16 My - Golden Era. Mutual cooperation reaches peak, undreamed-of prosperity comes on
  • 1734.12 My - Antarasans open psionic network for common disposal
  • 1734.15-1982.14 My - Diamond Era. Prosperity of individual civilizations reaches absolute acme, 85% of civilisations reach Supercivilisation stage, from that approximately 30 reach Superintelligence stage
  • 1985.62-2232.54 My - War of superintelligencies. New superintelligencies fight for living space. During this war nearly 90% of civilisations goes extinct, and majority of galaxies are nearly depopulated. Most of civilisations, who aren't directly liable to superintelligencies, falls back to barbarism. 24 of new superintelligencies vanishes and their power is absorbed by victors, 3 superintelligencies are put to sleep and stored in special type of hypercocoon, and remaining 3 are expelled to another dimension. Heavilly weakened is also superintelligence Eon, who definitelly transferes governance over dimension to Antarasans and remaining trio of original superintelligencies (Selus,Tartus,Bina)
  • 2232.54-2562.42 - Period of Third Decline.


Tar is born[]

This part deals solely with Tar galaxy, as situation in rest of universe was stabile, and nothing worthy of recording happened. There is no saying, that it was all around dead of events, but none of them is important for actual gameplay. As with previous part, GM could create his own content for extragalactic campaign.
Talking about campaigns, this period could be of some value, but GM must bear in mind, that situation as presented in 'present' has not yet been estabilished and it depends heavilly, when his campaign happen. This part could give some lead what was valid in chosen time...

Milestones and eras

Tar Commonwealth[]


Dark Age[]


Recent history[]


Future history (spoiler!)[]