Aetheon Wiki

Dices throws[]

Aetheon is based on two main dices (six sidded and ten sided), which are used for all avaiable tests. Six-sided dices are used when there is need to check for some attributes, while ten-sided are used for percentage throws, usually skill checks.

Automatic succes or failure[]

There are some situations, when throw of dices could result in succes or failure, regardless of target number.

Automatic succes[]

When all dices in throw yelds number six, then check is regarded as succes, no matter what target number was.

Automatic failure[]

When more then half dices in throw yelds number one, then check is regarded as failure, usually the fatal one. Altough, if there are also present some sixes in this throw, they could be used to negate some of ones, reversing result to simple unsucces, and if there are some sixes remaining when number of ones is lowered below half, then this throw could still result into succes.

Tests of succes[]

There are tree major types of tests:
a) Atribute check
b) Skill check
c) Percentage check


Some situations may lead into increase or decrease of number of dices, what you have avaiable, increased or decreased target number, or finnally increased or decreased percentage chance.

Game expressions[]

((...completion needed...))


((...completion needed...))

Advanced and Hyperadvanced skills[]

((...completion needed...))

Psionic and magery[]

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