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Phase 1: Dark Age[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. Thousands of suns. Thousands of planets. But only eight civilisations - known civilisations. But some others are still unrevealed, waiting patiently to be explored.
Time of peace is slowly wanishing. From depths of space, from another galaxy, dread Darkers race is comming. They struck on most important point of galaxy, home planet of Shaal race. It was destroyed, but some of Shaals survived.
Shaals, protectors of peace. Now they are calling other races to reunite, to cooperate, to fight against Darkers threat. If they fail, they will be extincted.
Alleins, strong and dangerous hunters. Catmans, courious and agile warriors. Changelings, dopplegangers of other races. Droidans, workers and scientists. Humans, traders and explorers. Klackons, workers and traders. Mystics, travellers and explorers. Shaals, diplomats and protectors of galaxy. They all must fight together or 271 years of galaxy Tar occupation will be end of intelligent life here. It is time to fight for freedom.
Our freedom...
Your freedom!

Background: Introduction to game; danger from Darkers threatens on every step. Civilizations are meeting, estabilishing contacts and finally starts to actively fight against common enemy.

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Phase 2: Rebuilding[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. Now it is free from Darkers treat. 271 years of galaxy occupation has finally ended. Many has been lost - billions of lives, thousands of planets, many of old knowledge. But hope still exist.
Because there are eight civilisations, who worked together to expel Darkers from galaxy. Now they are free of old fear. It is time to start building from begining, to work together for better future.
Everybody has his place...
Everybody could help...
You could help...!

Background: Beginning of rebuilding galaxy infrastructure and players settlement in game.

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Phase 3: Rise of galaxy[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. Time of strive has ended. Many races risen from dust, many imperiums has been founded and grow in power. Many others are waiting in future. Major pathwas between inhabited places has been estabilished and are common. Uncharted regions of space are dissappearing at speed of flash, but still exist.
Explorers, merchants and miners are famous professions between space fareers. But as pirates activity is still common, there is also work for warriors and bounty hunters.
Everybody could take his part, as new words are still founded and new colonies created.
It is time of prosperity, peace and courage...

Background: Expansion of space and calm era.

Description: x

Phase 4: Rising tensions[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. Majority of it has been already explored, and lack of place to settle seems to be threat...
Time is flowing, and the tension between imperiums arises. Many has their own goals, which crosses with others. Small conflicts are appearing on borders of major forces. They are finished very fast, but how long it will take, until they grow into wars...?
Some former pathways between empires was closed due to political reasons, and are dangerous for travelers to be used. Pirates forces are rising in power and are more and more courageous to operate even in major systems. Old alliances are dissappearing, while new ones are signed.
Many of us know, that war is inevitable.
Only question is, when and where it will start...

Background: Rising tenstion in galaxy allows to more action natures so good livening and simulatenously allows others prepare for next phase.

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Phase 5: Galaxy war[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. As predicted, global war has begun. It shakes with systems throughout whole galaxy.
Nobody is safe, nobody could ignore it. Battles between imperium fleets are daily routine. Billions of credits are daily spend to keep war machine working, so economy of many systems were thrown into chaos. Many lives are lost every minute, and war affects one and every citizen.
Everything - from manufacturers, miners, traders and scientists, to assasins, spies, mercenaries, and of course warriors, serves purposes of war.
Everybody could gain power and might fast, but same fast he could loose it.
There are also increasing numbers of sightings of starships, belonging to ancient Antarasan race, which is beliveved to be creator of whole life in our galaxy.
Will it be also it's Nemesis...?

Background: Global galactic war pulls to action even those players, who were settled so far, and allows them exert their abilities fully.

Description: x

Phase 6: Time of expansion[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. Time of war has ended.
Antarasan race revealed themselves, and helped us to stop that dreadfull conflict, which was dissease of our formely peacefull galaxy. Now it is time of growth and recovering from damage, we have made to ourselves.
Some discoveries of hidden Shaal intergalactic portals opened to us some new space to inhabit in previously not known galaxies. Now we have oportunity to cooperate or compete for this new space - it is only on us, which variant we chose...
Newly open portals also shown us, that our galaxy is not only one inhabited by inteligent lifeforms. Recent contacts shown, that some of them are friendly, as like some others are hostile.
It is on us, if we reunite to face this new oportunities together, or will try make our own profit everybody for himself...

Background: War has ended and time of technological and spatial expansion arrives, but it is needed to clean own galaxy from war remnants at first, and estabilish contacts with races of surrounding galaxies.

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Phase 7: Aetheon Dimension[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. After long time of separation, it is once again on position, which trully belongs to it.
With Shaals as leaders, Antarasans as supervisors, Catmans as warriors, Alleins as strike force, Changelings as spies, Droidans as workers and scientists, Humans as traders and explorers, Mystics as messengers and explorers, and Darkers as controlled threat, it could take leading part in Aetheon Space Confederation.
It is on us to help to protect peace and prosperity in our dimension.
And, of course, we must keep it working in our own galaxy...

Background: Whole space of Aetheon dimension was manifested and estabilished contacts with inhabitants of Tar galaxy, now all potency is needed for Tar to achieve proper name - in whole universe time of massive expansion and exploration of yet unrevealed and unsettled territories. Tar gains institution of central galaxy of universe and have to keep it against contrariety of some less tolerant races, in so far that (save command function) stands up also funkction of whole-universe diplomate and protector of peace. Due to that it however have to maintain peace also on own territory, what some forces tirelesly strive to baffle it, because unification of whole universe contravenes their plans.

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Phase 8: Superintelligencies[]

Tar, small galaxy in depths of space. It is center of great power, whole Aetheon dimension.
But from another dimensions, unreachabled with technologies of entire Aetheon, is comming another unimaginable threat, which could be devastating to whole Aetheon dimension.
This threat is called Superintelligencies, entire races forged into one almost allmighty entities. This Superintelligencies are bringing their own civilisations to serve their purposes, which could impair ballance of Aetheon's forces.
Now it is time to reunite again, and fight against intruders. If we fail, we will be enslaved forever and with no mercy, if not even extincted.
Because as some of this powerfull beings are peacefull and only courious on us, others are hungry of destruction.
And with their nearly godlike powers, they could succeed to annihilate us...

Background: To Aetheon dimension penetrates Superintelligences from another dimensions. These superinteligences brings with them whole support nations, what impairs ballance of power in Aetheon, even so much hardly maintained due to interferences of inner enemy forces. Not all superinteligences are hostile, but those positives ones rarely interfere to matters of others, whereas negative ones sticks at nothing (including mass destruction of whole galaxies). Because superinteligences as such are nearly impossible to fight, forces of whole dimension had to focus on their support nations and that way weaken their power. Than (maybe) they will have some hope of success...

Description: x

Phase 9: Dark Space[]


Background: Victory over Nemesis superinteligence opened to Aetheon dimension inhabitants access to another dimensions. First to hit (literally) is home universe of Darkers, because is due to their arrival accessable most easilly. That universe is full of galaxies, whose inhabitants were eradicated or enslaved by Darkers. It bestows another space for exploration and expansion - but it must at first been cleaned from settled Darkers, who didn't managed to leave with their mothership to Aetheon dimension (to Tar galaxy). Besides that there is also planet, what is home of Darkers precursors. Succesfull contact with them would open access to another dimensions, because this Darkers precursors own and controls appropriate technologies.

Description: x

Phase 10: Unlimited Possibilities[]

Intro: intro10.txt

Background: Contact with Darkers precursors allowed openning another after another passages to another new dimensions a permanent expansion of civilisation to them. Some of discovered dimensions are deserted and uninhabited, while others teems with life, whether friendly or hostile. In any matter it opens unlimited possibilities of expanse, up to entire depletion of colonisation capacity of united universes (what despite common belief is not infinite - at least in Tempus Universes Cluster...).

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