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Galactic Network (aka GalNet) is galaxy-wide information and communication network, what uses FTL technology to allow instantenous contact across galaxy.

Principles behind it[]

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GalNet was first designed as means of communication between members of Droidan race. As they were highly dependable on ability to communicate with their technology, Droidans searched for means to tighten this contact. They developed series of subspace located transceivers, what were using hyperspace links to interconnect themselves. They invented brain implants, what aloved them to tap to this newly formed FTL network.
As they learned, that this is effective way of communication, they started to store more and more of their knowledge into this network nodes, and later became highly dependent on it. Part of Droidans although decided they need to keep freedom of their mind, thus refused to let themselves implanted with connection chips. This event then leaded into specie division into Borg (connected) and Tron (not connected) bloodlines. They then started to diverse even more after that.
But anyways. Network prowed to be ultimate success, and Droidans started to spread it across galaxy. It started to grow constantly and it took only twenty three years, to be it global. Droidans then decided to broaden extent of pre-GalNet usage, and developed it further into fullfledged communication network. They then gave access to it to other species, reserving and insulating small portion of its capacity for their own usage.
Thus GalNet was born...

Future upgrades (spoiler)[]

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