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Darkers comming
Darkers comming!
Vital statistics
Participants Shaal race, Darkers
Date 0 DA
Location Tethis system

Darkers comming! is first important event, marking beginning of Darkers occupation of Tar galaxy.

The event[]

Darkers mothership entered Tar galaxy through stargate from their universe, and immediately headed to Tethis system.
After their arrival, they used unknown weapon, to incapacitate inhabitants of entire system. Then they proceeded to land on Tethis II, and stealing various technologies, and enslaved some of Shaals, moving 14.538 individuals to their mothership.
After that, they destroyed all spaceship capable of evacuating Tethis II population, and left planet. Then they released Darkers bomb, leaving planet Tethis II and its population for slow destruction.
They then left Tethis system, heading to galaxy core, and later started their terror on Tar galaxy.


Planet Home (Tethis II) has been destroyed (albeit its spiritual form has ascended to higher energy plane, cut from default universe) and its current inhabitants killed (but their spiritual forms followed planet).
Darkers used this as their starting point for conquering Tar galaxy, thus starting Dark Age.

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