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Chatni SatMalChaj
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Vital statistics
Title Cul
Gender male
Race Shaal/Protoss
Faction Aetheon Dimensionauts
Location Roaming Aetheon and other universes

Chatni is Shaal multiscientist (Theory of science, Diplomacy, Astronautics; plus several minor disciplines) is one of founder members of Aetheon Dimensionauts organisation. He is proud member of his race, famous by his involvement in finding way to defeat Darkers at the end of Dark Age.


Early life[]

Chatni was born as second child of his parents (first was Naren Sahava). From early young age he was interested in old Shaal project, Shaal Transgalactic Stargate Network, and focused his education this direction.

When he reached adulthood, he was already experienced scientist, focused mainly on basic science principles, laying foundation to his later specialisation in theory of science.

When he reached 233 years, he added to his education also official astronautic licence, becoming small interceptor pilot. He was often involved in interceptor races, competing with other youths and older ones, making quite fast progress, and even winning quite large number of races.

In 274th year of his life, Chatni suffered serious injuries in accident during one of races. He then abbandoned it for nine years, focusing solely on his scientific career. During this time, he was involved in seven separate projects of research nature.

When he was 283 years old, he returned to interceptor space races, albeit only for entertainment purposes.

In his 312nd year he finished his studies of diplomacy, and year later was promoted to multiscientist, gaining title Cul.

He then continued his education, and also worked on various projects, furthering his involvement. This taken majority of his life. Later he chosen his life mate, Nij Lemni SumDerChaj, and soon married her. Thirty two years later, familly was joined by Gen Asin HesMalDer (husband). Another eighty years later, familly gained last member, Sal Ganti AmnJalChaj (wife). During folowing years, familly was gifted by four children: Cul Tilai AmnJalChaj (daughter), Nom Salai SatMalChaj (son), Hotun SatMalChaj (son), and Ketar SumDerChaj (daughter).

Dream fulfilled[]

When he was 2376 years old Shaal Council of Wise finally approved reactivation of Shaal Transgalactic Stargate Network project. Chatni immediatelly joined, making quick progress, and thirty-two years later his team finally managed to get Tar side of gate to work. Chatni then left, fulfilling his lifetime dream, and focused on other smaller projects.

Another five years later, Chatni joined another project. He was member of small research and construction team, developing small single person ship, intended for solitary exploration, and diplomatic missions. Team was at that time led by Chatni's brother, Naren Sahava. Chatni quickly blended in, making his contributions to project, and spending lot of time outside of Tethis II (home planet of Shaal race), on planet Tethis III.

Destruction of Home[]

He was there, when Darkers came through Shaal Transgalactic Stargate Network, and struck on Tethis II. When planet was destroyed, Chatni was in deep grief and depression (experiencing deaths of whole planet population, to what you are connected telepathically, is indeed very traumatic experience). But he recovered fast, and rallied his fellows to finish project anyways, now with new goal - to rally and unite other races of Tar against Darkers...

When ship (nicknamed Eradicator Prototype) was finished, Chatni left planet on it, embarking on long journey through galaxy, to fulfill his mission (and he was succesfull - sort of).

End of Dark Age, and arrival to Earth[]

273 years later, he participated in final battle with Darkers, and later followed their mothership through transdimensional rift to Milky Way galaxy. Due to miscalculation, he ended there many thousands years later. He was travelling through here, making contact with various races. And finally he arrived at Earth, during Second World War. He landed his (cloaked) ship close to Stalingrad city on 19th November 1942, just in time to see Soviet counterattack. Few minutes after landing, was his ship hit by stray cannon shot, and badly damaged. Chatni was thrown away, unconcious, and was found by Soviet soldier Sergej Krylenko, who taken care of him, unfazed by Chatni's alien look. In meantime, ship emergency system launched it, and landed Eradicator in safe place - on sea bed close to Iceland...

In folowing years, was Chatni busy with construction of secret underground base on Iceland. He then constructed hibernation unit, alowing him to "possess" compatible body even before birth, with intention of waiting his time, until he will be able to return home.

No info about folowing years is known, but he later managed to get new body, retrieve his old, and finally return home.

Reconstruction of Home[]

In year 68 AD (After Darkness), Chatni joined project of reconstruction of planet Home. And three years later, in 71 AD, project succeeded, pulling inhabitants (and planet's "higher form") back from their "death".

Present time[]

Sometime in between his return and participation in reconstruction of Home, Chatni joined newly founded Aetheon Dimensionauts organisation, and started to travel to various universes.

And this is, what he does in present time, occassionally returning to Home for vacation and further education...


Chatni could be met virtually everywhere (and anytime), due to his involvement with Aetheon Dimensionauts and Temporal Intervention Unit of Armed Time Forces of Absolute Time.

He is usually going about his business, what often involves resolving of various diplomatic disputes, incidents, negotiations for parties in various wars, and resolving of corruptions of timeline and/or solving and erasing various time paradoxes.

He is usually friendly or neutral to everybody, using his skills and experience to solve various seemingly unsolvable situations.

He prefers peacefull solutions, but he is also skilled warrior, if he deems it as necessary (see below).


Chatni first tries to resolve any hostile situation with his diplomatic skills. If he is unsuccesfull, he tries at first to incapacitate enemy by nonviolent means, usually using stunner weapon, or hypnosis. If this fails, he then reverts to more increasingly lethal weapons, depending on severity of situation. But he first go for incapacitation of enemy, and resort to deadly force only if there is no other way.

He is skilled fighter with variety of weapons, from blades, to high energy hi-tech guns. He also posses several psionic abilities, including telepathy, hypnosis, mental projection of virtual image, psychokinetic body shield (albeit this one drains quite quickly), and mental blade.

As last resort, he posses artifact item, named Djedd. This item is multitool of unknown origin, alowing its owner to use many special feats and abilities, including force shield projection, dematerialization of target, matter creation, energy blasts shooting, levitation, flight (even in space), teleportation, transdimensional/time travelling, and some other yet unknown functions. Djedd is hovever inert mass in hands of anybody else, then rightfull owner, or approved person.


"Up to down to to the mines!" (favourite saying, used often when embarking to dangerous mission, or to unknown territory)


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