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Choosing of race[]

There are literaly thousands of various races in Aetheon dimension and it is up to GM, how much of them offer you to choose from. But because Tar is initial setting of this game, there are nine basic races, what are avaiable anytime.

This basic races are:

- Mighty warriors; majority of race enslaved by Darkers (during Phase 1).
- Hunters attuned to nature; know and use mystical force of nature, magic.
- Dopplegangers of other races; spies; bioengineers.
- Immigrated from another dimension; Tar galaxy arch-nemesis and occupants (during Phase 1).
- Engineers; inventors of GalNet; invent and use biomechanical exoskeletons and cybernetic implants.
  • Human (no alternate name)
- Immigrated from another dimension; also courious traders and explorers.
- Efficient workers; have massive hives.
- Semimaterial wraiths, capable of FTL travel through subspace.
  • Shaal (no alternate name)
- Diplomats and protectors of galaxy Tar; strong psionics.

If you are not content with avaiable races, you could also create one for yourself...

Choosing of bloodline[]

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Creating of physical look of character[]

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